The Approved Libation
Cues From the Chairman of the Board
Drink like Sinatra!

The gentleman`s drink:
Three or four ice cubes, two fingers of Jack Daniel`s, the rest water, in a traditional rocks glass. No highball glasses, please.

The power of potato alcohol:
Stolichnaya on the rocks, with a twist.

`tini time:
Stoli or excellent British gin, well-stirred or shaken on ice, with the tiniest drop of vermouth. Served in a cold glass and crowned by two olives. Only before dinner. Never more than two.

Or, alternately, the Flame of Love Martini from Chasen`s in Beverly Hills.
Recipe courtesy of bartender Pepe Ruiz:
"You swirl a few drops of La Ina sherry in a chilled stem glass and pour it out. Then squeeze a strip of orange peel into the glass and flambé it with match. Throw away the peel. Now fill the glass with ice to chill again, then throw that out. Add the vodka, then flambé another orange peel around the rim. Now throw out the second burnt peel. Then just stir it gently. And drink, drink."

Red wine:
French and Italian, preferably Chateau Petrus and Chateau Mouton Rothschild and Gaja and, in a pinch, Chateau Margaux.

White wine:
Grudgingly, in deference to fish and poultry and the judgement of others. Le Montrachet or Corton Charlemange.

Only for the indulgence of women.

The morning after:
The Ramos Gin Fizz: A legendary New Orleans shaken mix of lemon juice, egg white, powdered sugar, orange flower water, cream, and gin, topped with soda.

I`m thirsty, not dirty. Take it away.

A toast:
"I wish you an abundance of health and goodness and sweet things and sweet dreams, no nightmares, and I wish you lemonade in the shade in July and all that other jazz, and huggin` and kissin` and peace forever in your time and for your children and their children and their children and God bless us all!
Cheers! Salud! Cent`anni!
There - that`ll hold you till Sunday."

[adapted from The Way You Wear Your Hat, by Bill Zehme]


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