No One Cares
No One Cares
15 achingly-tender torch songs including "When No One Cares," "None But The Lonely Heart," "Stormy Weather," and 4 bonus tracks
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1. When No One Cares
2. Cottage for Sale
3. Stormy Weather
4. Where Do You Go?
5. I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You
6. Here's That Rainy Day
7. I Can't Get Started
8. Why Try to Change Me Now?
9. Just Friends
10. I'll Never Smile Again
11. None But the Lonely Heart
12. One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else) [*]
13. This Was My Love [*]
14. I Could Have Told You [*]
15. You Forgot All the Words (While I Still Remember the Tune) [*]

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No One Cares
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