Duets II
14 powerful pairings with the Chairman of the Board
An inspired follow-up to Duets, this sterling sequel takes a great idea and runs with it! Featuring historic collaborations with stars like Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Lena Horne and more.
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Sinatra returns to make magic again with 14 more contemporary takes on some of his biggest hits. The pairings on Duets II are an eclectic roster of stars from all corners of the music spectrum. From "For Once In My Life" with Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder to "Luck Be A Lady" with Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, and from "A Foggy Day" with Willie Nelson to "The House I Live In" with Neil Diamond - this project truly is a profound testament to the power of Sinatra's influence and inspiration.

In addition to a beautiful album, Producer Phil Ramone succeeds in creating an important piece of music history. The recordings of Frank Sinatra were done in exactly the same way Ol' Blue Eyes preferred - in front of a full orchestra. Many of the performers are the same musicians who played on the original versions of these songs.

Produced by: Phil Ramone

Co-Produced by: Hank Cattaneo

Executive Producers: Charles Koppelman, Don Rubin, and Eliot Weisman

Musical Director and Conductor: Patrick Williams

Engineering (Los Angeles): Al Schmitt

Engineering (New York): Ed Rak

Mixed by: Eric Schilling

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Duets II
(2010-06-23 19:43)

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