Come Fly With Me (Vinyl)
12 jet-setting tracks faithfully restored on limited-edition 180 gram vinyl
Sinatra's Come Fly With Me takes you around the world and back again with a collection of globe-trotting songs including the title track, "Autumn In New York," "April In Paris," and "Let's Get Away From It All"
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Come Fly With Me
Around The World
Isle Of Capri
Moonlight In Vermont
Autumn in New York
On The Road To Mandalay

Let's Get Away From It All
April In Paris
London By Night
Blue Hawaii
It's Nice To Go Trav'ling

Originally released in 1958, Come Fly With Me was Sinatra's first collaboration with composer and arranger Billy May. The album hit #1 on the charts, garnered a Grammy Award™ nomination, and marked the beginning of Sinatra's long-standing musical relationship with May.

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Come Fly With Me (Vinyl)
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