Capitol Records: The Concept Albums
14 Albums, 189 Songs, 1 Voice
Undeniably the finest body of work in popular music, Sinatra delivers the gold standard of concepts with this 14-album, 189-song collection.

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"I adore making records. I'd rather do that than almost anything else. You can never do anything in life quite on your own - you don't live on your own little island. Making a record is as near as you can get to it - although, of course, the arranger and the orchestra play an enormous part. But once you're on that record singing, it's you and you alone." - Frank Sinatra

This comprehensive collection of Sinatra's concept albums contains 14 thematic CDs and 189 songs that were hand-selected by The Voice himself. Whether consoling the lonely, giving the girls something to swoon about, or flying high with the Jet Set, Sinatra's irresistible charm is evident in each and every quintessential recording.

Each album has been 24-bit digitally re-mastered and is presented with its original CD reissue artwork.

The complete box set includes the following album titles:
Songs For Young Lovers/Swing Easy
In The Wee Small Hours
Songs For Swingin' Lovers
Close To You
A Swingin' Affair
Where Are You?
Come Fly With Me
Only The Lonely
Come Dance With Me
No One Cares
Nice'N' Easy
Sinatra's Swingin' Session
Come Swing With Me
Point Of No Return

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Capitol Records: The Concept Albums
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