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Frank Sinatra's Awards & Achievements

Frank Sinatra's Awards & Achievements

A Standard to Live By

Singers of all stripes and types have recognized the greatness of Sinatra over the years. From the Boss to Bono, here's a sampling of what notable performers have said about Frank Sinatra.

The Voice of the Holidays

To ring in the season with style, we're proud to present a new article that chronicles Sinatra's love for the holidays.

"His Way, Our Way" by iTunes

From pop superstars Maroon 5 to country crooner John Rich to English indie rockers The Kooks, everyone's under the influence of The Voice.

Making It Look Easy

Sinatra proved himself to be the consummate American popular vocalist. And he made it look easy, though it wasn't.

The Best Bet

Article: The Best Bet
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In addition to all of his other enduring achievements, the Chairman of the Board helped build Sin City not just as it is but, perhaps more importantly, as we wish it to be.

The Classics

Article: The Classics
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Frank Sinatra's Classic Tracks, Gold & Platinum Awards

"Mr. Anonymous"

Article: "Mr. Anonymous"
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During his lifetime Sinatra, the man and performer, raised in excess of one billion dollars for charities across the world.

Frank Sinatra's Inaugural Galas

It's one of the biggest parties America ever throws, and two of the most memorable galas were produced by Frank Sinatra.

Mecca With A Dress Code

Shooting by day, they cut loose at night, assuaging boredom by becoming the Rat Pack, as the press would call them.